Vocational Preoccupations

This is the first of many poems that I have written post college.  My college days were full  of many events that took up much of my time.  The years I spent there taxed my mental and physical capabilities.  I survived.  And now I am a winemaker.  My first few poems related to my new life rather than my complex feelings.  They may not be as easy to relate to, but they still express a part of me.  Enjoy.


Vocational Preoccupations
The harvest ended
two weeks ago. But I, still,
cannot find the time
to enjoy an outside life. I find
my work has been brought home with me
on my desk and in my mind.
Not because it’s mandatory,
but because it is my passion.
The work I do is small,
but meaningful.
The tasks I complete are laborious,
but rewarding.
If for every year, until my death,
I came home exhausted
to a loving family and a warm bed,
I could always manage just another day.
Whether the first or last day,
I would be thankful
for the opportunity to be of significance,
and for the end of the day.

Published by: cynicalwordsmith

I am, by no means, a professional writer. I have no dreams of becoming such. I just enjoy writing in my very sparse free time, both poetry and short stories. If you enjoy any of my works in particular, feel free to tell me. I always enjoy the feedback.

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