Light for a Pipe-Dream

Light for a Pipe-Dream

Today I awoke and looked out my window,
The sun glistened between wind and tree.
I gazed at the beauty, the life that moved,
I thought of weeding, settling for “We’ll see…”

I made a breakfast fit for a royal nobleman,
Piled dishes careless, drank some green tea.
I finished my Pillsbury Croissant, scattering crumbs
I thought of cleaning, settling for “We’ll see…”

I lounged on my couch, reading the newspaper,
Pictures torn and worn as pages fly free
Seeing as it was Yesterday’s forgotten news
I thought of Today, settling for “We’ll see…”

I ate a lunch that reminded me of old days,
piled dishes even higher, drank Earl Grey tea.
I looked out and watched a rain cloud move overhead
I thought of Rain, settling for “We’ll see…”

I sat on my porch as the rain came and stayed,
I heard thunder, the sound rumbled through me,
I never got wet as I watched my lively friends soak,
I thought of my past, settling for “We’ll see…”

As the clouds carried on, I stood and gazed about
My walker in hand, I felt a shudder through me,
I looked down what appeared to be a mile of stairs
I looked at both steps, settling for “We’ll see…”

I went inside and looked at the dead clocks,
Always on 8 O’clock, the perfect time for tea,
Or the perfect time of dusk for reading the news
I thought of fixing them, settling for “I’ll see…”

I made dinner, and put my dishes atop the mound
They fell far, shattered, and among the debris
I saw they were my wife’s favorite plates
I thought of mending them, settling for “I’ll see…”

I read the paper, one last time, before the sun left
I burned it and watched it rise up the chimney
I watched the remains, which seem to dance in the air
I thought of tomorrow’s, settling for “I’ll see…”

I decided to pray before I left my chair and table
I saw my wife’s gorgeous eyes look inside me
I saw her face for one last time before I slept
I thought of death, settling for “I’ll see…”

I returned to my chambers and recounted my day,
“The Weeds in the garden were all left untouched,
Dust rules the mantle and my unused desk,
Today seemed to have been one of many today’s…

The Rain came and washed all those today’s away,
Leaving my past behind me and my future ahead,
These steps set me free from this mortal bondage,
And fixed my soul as only nature’s Love can.

This mending of a decrepit spirit seemed impossible
And yet now tomorrow seems like a brighter day,
Even while death knocks on my door, Love is here,
Death flips a two headed coin, and it’s my call.”

With a gentle smile, I crawl into an empty bed,
Tonight I’ve made plans, and I’m not one to be late,
I nod off to sleep and leave my body behind,
I think of returning, settling for “We’ll see…”

Published by: cynicalwordsmith

I am, by no means, a professional writer. I have no dreams of becoming such. I just enjoy writing in my very sparse free time, both poetry and short stories. If you enjoy any of my works in particular, feel free to tell me. I always enjoy the feedback.

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