A Sojourn in December

We had our first snow today.
When I first saw it,
I halfheartedly smiled from my position,
Peaking from the curtain
Draped next to an occupied bed.

Giant white flakes cover the ground and sky,
And I don’t mind.  The light
They reflect and the way they dance
Gives troubled minds a sense of ease.

And as the frigid day wears on,
The falling ceases just as it started,
With me under warm blankets,
And they finally finding peace
After a long winter’s journey.

Published by: cynicalwordsmith

I am, by no means, a professional writer. I have no dreams of becoming such. I just enjoy writing in my very sparse free time, both poetry and short stories. If you enjoy any of my works in particular, feel free to tell me. I always enjoy the feedback.

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