On Blogging

There’s certain feelings one may have,
Owning a small, obscure blog.

A visitor, a view, a like,
One passerby who resonates,
Two ships in the night.
That feeling of being accompanied
While taking two separate paths
On this journey called Life.

A view and a visitor,
A gawker, a heckler,
A smaller mind than mine.
What did I say?
Am I so different from you?
Look back and think,
We were once happy.
Two hearts in tune
Now discordant with age.

And then there are those,
Who find a home.
They forge a connection,
They read my works, they follow,
And they understand
Who I am,
Who we are.
It’s for them that I write.
For as I come to know myself,
They shall know who they are
By the words that bind,
By that empathetic bond,
And we shall grow or die

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