It Hurts

It hurts,
Though it shouldn’t.
But still, it does,
Amongst this fractured reflection
Of how things are
And how I wish them to be.

It hurts,
And I’ve found
I can no longer put the words
To these engrained, empty feelings,
For they don’t seem to belong here;
An internal personification
of some unnameable pain.

It hurts
And it hurts.
An infinite torrent,
That seeks out the peace
And blindly destroys it,
Sans impunity,
Sans reason.

It hurts,
But I am strong.
It hurts,
But I will endure.
My fabric is stronger,
Than these emotional knives.
My mind, calm and comfortable,
Amongst familiar chaos and lies.

This too shall pass,
A hope and a promise.
We believe,
We believe,
Once more
And it hurts.

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