Blessings and Curses

There’s a flower in a garden somewhere
And noose in the garage,
Made with an electrical cord, tied tight
Sitting above an old stool
That looks too old to bear the weight.

There’s birds that chirp out my window.
I know what they do all day,
And if I did the same,
I’d call it a day wasted
Which many days seem to be.

There’s a newborn kitten living in a shelter,
And bacteria living in it’s eyes.
It’s never seen the world before,
And probably never will,
But at least it’s alive, right?

There’s a man writing a poem,
In a dark, desperate world.
The end of the tunnel keeps moving
Further away.
A glimpse keeps you going,
But the Dead burrow in,
Latch and drag,
Latch and drag down,
And somewhere, you know,
Nothing lives forever.

Published by: cynicalwordsmith

I am, by no means, a professional writer. I have no dreams of becoming such. I just enjoy writing in my very sparse free time, both poetry and short stories. If you enjoy any of my works in particular, feel free to tell me. I always enjoy the feedback.

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