Bound for Escape

Is it a time for change?
The days seem to run
A montage of a montage
Of a man standing still.

He looks at the camera,
Sometimes the floor,
On occasion, himself,
Head down, eyes wandering,
He looks at the places
He has stood before,
Or rather, where the places were.
They’re gone now.

All his homes and safe havens,
All the normalacy and procrastination,
Gone or changed
In a moment of insight,
Of rationale realization,
Like an epiphanic lightning strike.

But only now can he feel
The thunder of all that was before.
They led him here.
They affected the changes.
They welded the shackles
Into his being, and so,
He stands. Awkwardly shambling,
Through time and space.

He doesn’t want to be
In this God forsaken place,
But how can he go anywhere
When he only make missteps?

Faltering, but determined,
Head up and shoulders back,
For a long moment
He can’t remember
How it’s done.
He’s been here for so long.
Honestly, he’d forgotten
That he had feet at one point.
But some intuitive instinct
Sets him in motion.

He moves forward
And we won’t see him again.
He’s bound for escape,
From the trappings of typicality.
He’s a free man again,
With existence as his home
And endless Love
For all the places he goes.

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