The Beauty

A dead man walks
By a river of blood
And his reflection appears
Full of Life.

A pale moon shines
On a young, pallid face
And the blinded can’t see
The Beauty.

A night goes by
Silent, but pensive,
And it’s deafening ears
With anticipation.

We were here, you know,
Hidden away from the world,
And you left me
Alone and hurt.

Tomorrow’s a new day,
But I won’t know it.
Tomorrow’s your new day,
And you carry my hopes.

5 thoughts on “The Beauty”

      1. I’ve always struggled with suicide. I had a friend commit on Sunday. We weren’t super close but I’m still unsure how to feel. Just wish I could have done something.

        Thank you for your words though. It always means a lot to me.


      2. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry.
        I can’t even imagine. That’s so sad. I hope that you’re doing okay. And that their family is doing okay.

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