An Ocean of Oblivion

There’s a wave coming.
You feel that tension
At the nape of your neck,
Wondering how much longer
You can keep breathing.

The ocean in front of you
Doesn’t care,
It can’t help what it is.
The sand surrounding you
Doesn’t care,
It can’t help what it is.

The sand is cold,
At least that’s what your limbs say,
But you can’t be sure.
You haven’t seen them in years.
Sometimes you forget
What they look like.

The first wave crashes against you.
The frigid waters quickly recede
But leave you sodden, and sandy,
And afraid.
There’s never just one; they come
And they come.

The second crashes, a little higher.
You understand the feeling now,
And understand that you’re fated
To this series of events.

You start losing track
Of where you’ve been.
All you know
Is where the water is now.
It’s cold, colder than you expected,
But you find yourself thankful
For the breaths you have left,
Even if they’re waterlogged
And sputtering.

You’re drowning.
The water is up to your eyes now.
The salt stings,
Your eyes and your lungs.
You keep trying to breathe though,
Your diaphragm won’t stop.

You feel the waves play with your hair
And the current caresses your face.
The ocean is gently saying,
“It’s okay. I’m here. Let go.”

And you do let go.
The struggle is done.
The gasping breaths,
The futile fears,
The sandy, salty tears
Are all behind you now.

But so is the sunshine,
And the beautiful world,
And all the Love you’ve known
Or would have known.
There’s no blame here,
Just remorseful acceptance,
That the sea now holds you,
Instead of me.

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