A Fateful Night

I’ll be around, she said,
With that girl next door smile,
Tinged with hopelessness.
I can’t tell you her hair color
Because the pale street lights
Glared off of it in the night.
Her eyes looked a ghostly white
With a fear of God
And that soulful craving
Hollow shells exude.
She turned, nothing fancy,
And left those words
Echoing off the starlight
That neither of us could see.

She is still around,
And I go visit her grave sometimes,
Mostly alone and at night.
I think she liked the world peaceful,
Like it is when everything sleeps,
Like how peaceful she is now,
And sometimes I lay there,
Wondering what could have been,
What life would be like
Had I let her come in.

2 thoughts on “A Fateful Night”

  1. I’m reading this on April 7 (1:17 in the morning)

    I’m sure the prompt for this came from some experience of your life, but i just wanted to say that today would have been my best friend’s 32 birthday. When I started reading this, I started thinking of her. When I started thinking of her, I realized that it would have been her birthday today.

    Thank you for this. It’s crazy how finding the right words at the right moment in time can evoke such feelings in you. I miss her. As I’m sure you’re missing the person whom this was originally written about.

    Okay I’m done oversharing now. SORRY.

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