On Losing a Dear Friend

My mentor has fallen.
I reflect on the knowledge,
The intricacies of life,
That could have
And should have

There is always an end
And it’s always too soon.
Too quick, too unannounced,
Death is a quiet whisper.

He’s gone
Down a path
Where I can’t follow.

I know the land’s lay,
I know the signs to look for,
I know how to carry on,
But it’s strange and lonely
Relying solely on myself.

But the present presses onward,
The work still needs doing,
And we do it,
We who hold the legacy,
We who hold the memory.

We strive toward our future,
And I often take moments
To reflect on my past
To look at the many paths
And how they cross,
And they cross again,
And I know we’ll meet again

4 thoughts on “On Losing a Dear Friend”

  1. I’m so sorry that he’s passed on.
    Hopefully you’re holding up.
    I was thinking of emailing you today and asking you how you were doing.
    Hang in there. ❤

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