Sky Watching

There are many reasons someone can wish for an escape.  Whether it is trauma or worldly problems or inner conflicts, there  are times when someone may wish to travel away from their troubles and just breath freely for the shortest amount of time.  I’ve felt this way many times, and I’m always thankful whenever I find a moment’s peace.

Sky watching
Inside this dream,
I watch my clouds pass,
as if sailing some distant sea.
The wind brushes the sand from my eyes.
I feel natures spirit
rising with Luna on the tide.
Sadly I tie my boat
and visit reality.


A Quiet Grove

Normally whenever someone says that you just need to “get away from it all,” they refer to a vacation.  For those of us without the time to really go on a vacation, we have to find some free time to let go.  This poem is a little on that subject.

A quiet grove
I woke upon the fields
not so long ago.
Lying serenely
in this place I know.
I gaze upon the trees,
old friends that have grown,
they bring back the life in me
and memories I’d disowned.
Memories of flames,
burning inside
and the numbing pain
that wouldn’t subside
My refuge here,
this palace of peace,
with silence so near
but the noise won’t cease.

I’m a world away from this place.