A Humble Weed

Originally written in high school, I had a friend send me a picture to write a poem about.  She appeared to be in a green house and was surrounded by flowering plants.  I love flowers, but it’s the other uses of plants that I find so interesting, whether medicinal or edible, or what have you, it always amazes me the compounds you can find in everyday plants.

A Humble Weed
A weed is nothing more
than a flower in disguise
Blending in, overlooked,
avoided by human eyes.
Not pleasant to look at
but still having a use
though not a beautiful Rose
or a magnificent Spruce.
Oh live, live on,
this tiny miracle
Oh live, in peace,
stand tall in your silt
Oh live, whilst you can,
while thy mask is on
Oh live, live on,
knowing Roses will wilt.