Memory Lane

Memory Lane
The other day I glanced inside
To find a boy I’d left behind
With many things left He had done
Constantly working, this son
A tapestry of memories and dreams
It strung together in hoping, it seems,
To go to a day I’d soon be forgetting
To a more exciting, apathetic setting.

I viewed His tapestry which
I called “Past” and saw
How it blended so delicately
Into my clothes, I found it
Colorful and beautiful with bits
Of rags and cloth and fabric
Which I recalled wearing and using
In my life.

When I left this shop, a place
I remember distinct in its own
Fashion; and having outside a man
Whom I had seen digging through
My trash and belongings, and I
Passing him by as a beggar.
Had become his obsession.

I returned to my shop
Of materials, from my own
Little haven of memories
Seeing the threads and fabrics
Shimmering with delicacy, while
Others, with their thick durability
Sat dully and waited to be used.
I began work on a new outfit.

In time I will find this outfit
Most comfortable.
In time I will find this outfit
Most irritating.
In time I will find a new tapestry
Down the road.
In time the old tapestries
Will deteriorate.


The Beginning

The Beginning
The birth of my spirit.
A culmination of electrons,
hand-picked to perfection.
The literal spark of life.
I mature and become wise
with knowledge of God and morals,
given a conscience to heed
and a will to obey.
Simplicity in form and purpose
though I realize what’s to come
and remember the lessons learned
as I journey onward.
I leave this home
to find a new dwelling.
My spirit comes upon a body
and rests for a time after its journey,
though in time I will awaken
and in time I will see again.
These days are momentarily forgotten
though this is only the beginning
of my life.