The Five S’s

The Five S’s


These are the words
which govern my daily life.
The aspects of a wine,
where each must be perfected.
Subjectivity must be ruled out.
If a wine is
too cloudy or pale,
too thin or heavy,
too foul or fragrant,
too sour or bitter, or
too easily forgotten,
I have failed.
A double gold turns to bronze,
and my passionate heart turns to stone.


A Paradoxical Vineyard

A Paradoxical Vineyard
In the Midwest, it is uncommon
to find someone who strolls through vineyards.
I am one of the few,
who takes leisurely steps
between rows of fruit and flora.
Each vine stands tied,
much like a crucified partisan,
blindly following orders
while attempting to maintain inherent desires.
These genetic yearnings,
unknowingly thwarted
with the removal of tender clusters
for not entirely ulterior motives.
They suffer hardships.
They fall and freeze and die.
They are eaten and scorched.
But for those that survive,
we are grateful.
For those that endure,
we do our best to protect them.
Their life allows for an appreciation,
of beauty and libation,
which grapevines will never understand.